October 12, 2020

Parent Communication for Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival Dismissal Map

Entry Doors by Grade Level

Grade Levels and/or Instructional Classrooms:

  • Door 1 – 4th Grade
  • Door 2 – 1st Grade and 6th Grade
  • Door 3 – 5th Grade and Silverman, Pineda and Haas
  • Door 4 – 2nd Grade and Lindemulder, Colic and Hoogenboom
  • Door 8 – Kindergarten and 3rd Grade

Arrival Procedures

8:20-8:30 – Arrival at School

Priority – Enforcement of social distancing and mask wearing for arriving students. 

  • All students must be wearing a mask that covers the nose and mouth upon arriving at school.
  • To ensure social distancing, only students will be allowed on school property. Please practice with your child what it looks like to be 6 feet behind another person.
  • Staff members will be present to guide your child to their entry door where a staff member will be ensuring all students social distance. You may want to visit the building prior to day one to show your child their entry door.  
  • If you walk your child to school, please say good-bye as you encounter the first Aldrin staff member. Staff members will have yellow safety vests on so they can be easily identified.
  • Staff at your child’s entry door will direct students where to stand while they are waiting to enter the building if they arrive before 8:30.  (Please note, your child should not arrive at school prior to 8:20.)
  • The park is closed to all students in the morning. 

8:30-8:35 – Student Entry into the Building

Priority – Students entering the building to get his/her temperature checked at the classroom

  • Bus riders exit the bus and go straight to their assigned doors.
  • Student will enter assigned door and sanitize his/her hands upon entering
  • Student will go directly to his/her classroom while remaining socially distanced from others.  All hallways have visual yellow and green markers indicating being 6 feet apart.
  • Your child’s teacher will take students’ temperatures as they enter the room.
  • Any child with a fever of 100.4 or higher will be escorted to an alternative “Care Room” and the parent will be called to pick his/her child up.

8:35-8:40 – All students enter through Door 1

Priority – Taking temperatures at Door 1.

  • If a student comes after 8:35, the student will enter door 1 and get a temperature  checked by an Aldrin staff member waiting at the door.
  • Student will then go straight to his/her classroom.

Any child arriving after 8:40, will be given a tardy slip to present to his/her teacher.

Dismissal Procedures

Staggered Dismissal at 2:50

1st Dismissal – 2:45 – 2:50 p.m.

Priority – Dismissal of Kindergarten students through Door 8

  • Only parents picking up kindergarten students will be allowed on school property to pick up their child. They should stand on the social distancing markers outside door 8 or inside the tennis courts.
  • Teachers will walk kindergarteners out Door 8
  • Walkers will be dismissed to families that are waiting on the social distancing markers outside of Door 8
  • Once walkers are gone, teachers will bring bussers to the front of the building to ensure they get on the bus

2nd Dismissal – 2:55 – 3:00 p.m.

Priority – Staggered Bus dismissal

  • Each bus will be called one by one over the PA system.
  • Students will remain 6 feet apart from others and go straight to their bus.
  • Students will sit in their assigned seat one student per seat unless the child has a sibling.

3rd Dismissal – 3:00 p.m.

Priority – Dismissal of walkers and Kasper by grade level

  • After all bussers are loaded, grade levels will be dismissed one-by-one
  • Students will exit the same door they entered in
  • Staff will monitor traffic flow in the hallways ensuring students are walking directly out of the building remaining 6 feet apart.
  • Students being picked up will immediately head to his/her parent car.
  • Students walking home with other students need to have a predetermined meeting spot on the outside of the building.
  • Students meeting parents will need to have a predetermined meeting spot off of school property.
  • Staff will monitor traffic flow outside to ensure students are meeting siblings and/or parents at meeting location and leave school promptly.  Please remind your child that the park will be closed until 3:30 so our custodial crew can sanitize the equipment.