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Due to the weather, food distribution for May 14 has been rescheduled to May 15, 9am-noon at Hoffman High School
District 54 buildings closed; remote learning for the rest of school year

Dates to Know for V-Learning

Teacher Planning Days (NO V-Learning Pushed Out to Students)
Starting on Monday there will be designated days for teacher planning.  Students will not have V-Learning on these days.  Below are dates for all grade levels.

  • Monday, April 13th (Teacher Planning Day)
  • Monday, April 20th (Teacher Planning Day)
  • Monday, April 27th (Teacher Planning Day)
  • Monday, May 4th (Teacher Planning Day)
  • Monday, May 11th (Teacher Planning Day)
  • Monday, May 18th (Teacher Planning Day)

One Additional Plan Day:   There is one more day that is grade level specific for teachers to plan and students in those particular grade levels will NOT have V-Learning. Please note our instructional classrooms have a different schedule.

  • 1st Grade – Thursday, April 16th
  • 2nd Grade – Tuesday, April 14th
  • 3rd Grade – Tuesday, April 28th
  • 4th Grade – Wednesday, April 29th
  • 5th Grade – Tuesday, April 21st
  • 6th Grade – Wednesday, April 22nd
  • IC k/1/2 (Mrs. D’Antonio’s Class) – Wednesday, April 15th
  • IC 3/4 (Mrs. Sivlerman’s Class) – Wednesday, April 29th
  • IC 5/6 (Mrs. Reichel’s Class) – Tuesday, April 21st

Due to these planning days, Fine Arts schedules may be adjusted and will be communicated via Seesaw and Google Classroom.