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Due to the weather, food distribution for May 14 has been rescheduled to May 15, 9am-noon at Hoffman High School
District 54 buildings closed; remote learning for the rest of school year

Winter Weather and Drop-Off Information

As we all know, the snow and cold weather is upon us.  With that said, please be sure that your children dress for the weather.  As long as the wind chill is above 0, we do spend time outside each day.  Coats, mittens/gloves, boots and hat/hood are necessary for children to enjoy time playing in the snow.  If you are having a hard time getting these items, please reach out to one of our social workers to see how we can support you.  Snow is fun for all, and we want all children to be able to participate. Please see the link for information about our SD54 Weather Response Plan.

Also, if you utilize the drop off zone when snow is on the ground, please note our staff will have you pull up in front of the entrance to the lot. This will allow two cars to unload children in an area that has been cleared of snow and ice.  Also, it is imperative the children exit the vehicle on the sidewalk side of the car.  Boxwood Drive is very busy in the morning and it is dangerous to have children exit the car into Boxwood Drive.