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Due to the weather, food distribution for May 14 has been rescheduled to May 15, 9am-noon at Hoffman High School
District 54 buildings closed; remote learning for the rest of school year

Celebrating Our Veterans

On November 11, the United States celebrates those who have served or are serving our country in the armed forces. In an effort to honor these family members, we are asking our families to send in a photograph of the person. We plan to make a photocopy of the photograph and hang it in a place of honor at our school.  Please include the name of your family member, the branch of service he/she is serving or served in and the years of service.  Our students will then learn about the dedication, honor and integrity of all service members and how they have helped us attain the freedom that we value so much. We will then have children make a Poppy Flower in honor of their service and hang them on or near the photos of our veterans.  Please plan on sending these photos into school by November 8, 2019 so we can get them copied and hung.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions by calling 847-357-5400.