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Halloween Update

This Wednesday is Aldrin’s annual Halloween celebration complete with a costume parade. The children will be able to change into their costumes at school right before the 1:00 parade. Please be sure your child can get his/her costume on independently since they will not change until right before the party. Keep in mind, children should not bring any look alike weapons to school as part of their costumes. We do plan to parade outside the building, and we love to have our families on the route.  If you plan on watching the parade, please plan to stand in the parking lot in front of the school or off on the sides of the building.  The parade will go down the main sidewalk so you will be able to get a great look at all of the wonderful disguises.  Also, please send your child to school with an extra snack on Wednesday.  The children will have an opportunity to eat it during the celebration.  Finally, we want to thank all the PTA parents who have been busy planning the activities for the event.  We know the afternoon will be loads of fun, and we could not do it without our PTA volunteers.  Only parents on the volunteer list will be able to come into the building to support the parties.