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Continuing to Cultivate Happiness at Aldrin

We hope everyone enjoyed gratitude month! We know it is important for us to take time to focus on things that make us happy and what we are grateful for.  We have had a great month doing this at school, and we appreciate your help in making this a focus at home for students as well.

For the month of November, we will be focusing on social investment.  Investing time in the people around us has proven to be a critical component of success in both work and health.  It can literally add years to your life!  The most successful people respond to adversity by turning to their social networks, hence becoming more productive, engaged, energetic and resilient.  This month, we are going to work on continuing to build our relationships with the people around us to help strengthen our social networks. Students will be receiving a social investment calendar for the month of November that will provide ideas for how to practice this principle with their family at home. You can also refer to page 72 in your Orange Frog Family Reading Guide.