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Aldrin’s Summer Reading, Writing and Exercising Program

For a printable version, click here -> 18-19 Reading Writing Calendar

Aldrin School is excited to announce that we are having our 8th annual summer reading, writing and exercising program. Our goal is that all children will be motivated to find balance this summer as they work out their minds and bodies.

All students who complete this program will be invited to participate in an outdoor game day! You will also receive a homework pass for each month of the school year. Yes, that’s right! You will receive a total of ten homework passes.

Below are the required minutes broken down into minutes per week. However, your child can complete the minutes at any time during the summer. Use the calendar to document the number of reading and exercising minutes you complete each day as well as the number of writing assignments that you complete each month. At the end of each month, total your minutes and get a parent’s signature, along with your own, at the bottom of the calendar.  The calendars will be collected by your child’s classroom teacher the first week of school, and the celebration will follow.


Follow the minutes of the grade level you will be in for the 2018/19 school year.

Students going into 1and 2 grade must read  825 total minutes

(for example: 15 minutes 4 times a week = 60 minutes a week)

Students going into 3-6 grade must read  1,100 total minutes

   (for example: 20 minutes 5 times a week = 100 minutes a week)

All students must complete a total of 3 writing assignments.

(for example: once you complete a book, complete one of the assigned writing tasks! Each writing assignment should

be completed using a different book. If writing assignments are not completed, or partially completed, they will not

count towards receiving the celebration.)

All students must exercise 1,650 total minutes.

    (for example: 30 minutes 5 times a week = 150 minutes per week)


We are asking that all students who participate in this summer program complete a total of 3 writing tasks. Your child is free to choose what they’d like to write about, but it should be in response to what they have read. Some ideas they may choose can include, but are not limited to:

  • Write a letter to the author
  • Write a letter to the character
  • Write a letter to your teacher
  • Double sided journal
  • Journal Entry

**Students will need to provide the written reading responses in writing in order to participate in the celebration.** 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I participate?

Most importantly, reading, writing and exercise are fun activities that should be part of our daily routine! Furthermore, during the school year students are accustomed to spending 6 hours a day, 5 times a week, 9 months a year engaged in academic tasks.  During the summer we need to continue to exercise our brains and bodies.  By completing the summer program this will help achieve both.  By keeping our brains and bodies exercised, this will also help your student kick-start their upcoming year of school and push them to achieve his/her best in the classroom. This will also support your student as they work towards their best on the PARCC and MAP tests to meet their educational goals.


Are there any other ways besides reading a book that can count as my reading minutes?

Absolutely! There are plenty of other activities that would engage our students in reading.  Our reading “diets” don’t include just reading books, we read newspapers, blogs, billboards, magazines, etc.  These all count as reading.


Do I have to read and write 5 days a week if that is the recommendation?

No. You can read any amount of days a week, as long as your final total is the amount needed.  For writing, you just need to make sure to complete all of the assigned writing assignments by the end of the summer.  Each assignment needs to be completed using a different book.


What counts as exercise?

So much! Any type of activity that gets your heart pumping faster would be considered exercise.  Some examples are walking the dog, sports practice/game, chasing your siblings, riding your bike, playing at the park, swimming, etc.