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Changes for the 2018/19 School Year

As you know, Mrs. Langlais has been an instrumental part of the Aldrin community for the past 4 years.  She has worked tirelessly to support all of us as we strive to reach new heights.  Recently, Mrs. Langlais has decided to make a change in her position for the upcoming school year.  This was a difficult decision for Mrs. Langlais; however, after much consideration, this is what is best for her at this time. I have no doubt you join me in wishing Mrs. Langlais the very best in her new role at Armstrong School.  We certainly will miss her, and it’s good to know she’s continuing to share her talents within the District 54 community.

This past Thursday night, the Board of Education unanimously voted to promote Ms. Kari Frederick as the new assistance principal for the 2018/19 school year at Aldrin and Fairview Schools. Ms. Frederick has worked within the district for the past 14 years and even attended Aldrin Elementary School as a student.  I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Frederick in the past in her role as a special education teacher.  I can tell you first hand, she will be an amazing addition as the new assistant principal at Aldrin. Her experiences as a special education teacher and literacy coach will allow us to learn from her just as she will learn from us.  We are thrilled to welcome her back to Aldrin!