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Aldrin Drop-off Zone

Procedure for the Aldrin Drop-Off Zone

In an effort to keep every child safe, we have also created a drop-off zone which will be used throughout the year.  Below you will find a map where children can be dropped off and picked up from school.  Please note, this is not an area for parents to park.  It is simply an area to pull up, let your child off on the sidewalk side of the vehicle and continue eastward on Boxwood Drive. It is important to move on as soon as your child is released from your vehicle.  Please be aware, the police department is often in the area to enforce school speed zones, no cell phone use and parking regulations.  Be sure to adhere to all signs.  Also, for safety reasons, it is imperative that your child only crosses Boxwood in the crosswalk with the crossing guard. Do not cross the street in any area other than the cross walk. We do post a staff member at the front entrance to support a safe drop off. Thank you in advance for helping us keep all children safe during arrival and dismissal times.