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Notes of Encouragement

Last week, all parents were sent a letter from our staff with notecards enclosed.  The purpose of the letter is to elicit your encouragement for the upcoming MAP testing. Please take a moment to write your child a quick note to let them know how proud you are of him/her and how you know they will commit to giving their very best on the upcoming MAP test.  Your words speak volumes, and we know your child will treasure your hand-written card.  Once you write it, please seal the envelope and send it back to school with your child.  If you would rather, you could also drop the note off in the school office. If you have more than one child at Aldrin, we included additional notecards to ensure you are able to communicate with each of your students.  Please do not forget to put your child’s name on the envelope.  Your child will have an opportunity to open your note on the first day of their MAP test.  We can’t wait to see your child’s smile as they read your heartfelt words.